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about us

The mission of this website is to create a guide to those who feel overwhelmed or stressed, like they are powerless to make a change in the world. This website was created in order to provide you some first steps, and provide super easy and doable actions that you can do right now to help the causes that you care about. This website is designed to be incredibly easy to navigate and provide action steps that are easy to do, to try to eliminate the fear aspect of activism. 


So many people want to do something, but feel too small or powerless. Too many people are stuck in this state of being overwhelmed, a state that immobilizes them from being able to take effective action.


This website was created to take people out of that state, because that is really half the battle when it comes to activism. 


This website was created by a teenager, the runner of the account @teenactivist_, in order to help young activists like herself, and to empower people to feel as though they have the ability to make a change. Activism should not be something that is hard, but unfortunately most people just don’t know where to start, so here’s a good place to begin.


The main three action steps that this website is built off of is signing petitions, donating, and educating yourself. These three actions seem like the easiest, and also most applicable steps to take that can apply to whatever topics you are passionate about. This website also includes a few other features, including a guide to protests, some shopping lists, and more!

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