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BREONNA TAYLOR Officers performed an illegal and unannounced drug raid on her home. They had the wrong home, and already had the person they were looking for in custody. 22 shots were fired, 8 of which hit and killed Breonna.


GEORGE FLOYD Floyd was wanted for signing a bad check. He was restrained and handcuffed, during which he was completely cooperative. An officer then proceeded to press his knee into his neck for about 8 minutes, while other officers were forcefully holding him down, leading to his death.

- demand justice with

- demand police are charged here

- another petition to demand officers are charged

- demand justice here

- Justice for Big Floyd

TONY MCDADE As a transgender black man, McDade was shot 5-8 times in the back by the TPD. Many details are unclear, however eye-witnesses claim he was unarmed.

- demand justice here

demand justice with

- demand justice with the petitions site

AMIYA BRAXTONAmiya was coming off of her school bus when she was hit by a car and killed. The driver still walks free.

- demand justice here

JULIUS JONES Jones was convicted for a murder that he claims he did not commit, and has been on death row for almost 20 years. He is being held in extreme conditions.

TOYIN SALAU Toyin tweeted about her sexual assault story, describing details, and reported the assault to the police. After those tweets, she was reported missing. Over a week later, her body was found.

- demand justice here

AHMAUD ARBERY Arbery was simply going for a jog, when he began to be followed by a truck. He was followed for a little while, then shot by McMichael.

-demand justice here

-justice for Ahmaud Arbery

- demand justice with

- pass Georgia hate bill


REGIS KORCHNSKI Regis was pushed off of a balcony on the 24th floor in Toronto by the police. Her death was initially ruled as a suicide, and is now being further inspected.

JAO PEDRO - Pedro was a 14-year-old black boy killed by the police at his own home in Rio.

BELLY MUJINGA Belly was assaulted by a man who knowingly had COVID-19, which led to her infection and death.

WILLIE SIMMONS Simmons was convicted to a life sentence for committing a $9 robbery with three prior convictions. He is currently in serving time, and has been for almost 40 years.

KYJUANZI HARRIS Harris was arrested without cause and held for two years, then convicted for a crime he had no connections to and given a life sentence.

ALEJANDRO VARGAZ MARTINEZ - Alejandro was an innocent, 15-year-old black boy shot 7 times and killed while walking to school. His killers still walk free.

SEAN REED - Sean was running from the police, unarmed, and was tased and shot 17 times by an officer.

KENDRICK JOHNSON - Johnson's body was found in a vertical rolled up mat in his school's gym. His death was determined accidental, however a second autopsy determined her death was from blunt force trauma. 

TAMIR RICE - Rice, a twelve-year-old black boy, was shot and killed by the police within 2 seconds of their arrival, for playing with a TOY gun.

ASHTON DICKSON Dickson was shot and killed in 2017, and his killers still walk free. He had a bright future ahead of him as a football player, one he never got to experience.

- demand justice here

JENNIFER JEFLEY - Jeffley was committed for a murder she did not commit, and has been in prison for the last 20 years.

- demand justice for Jennifer here

ALBERT WILSON -Wilson was charged for rape that he could not have commited, for he was only in the house of the supposed rape for around 10 minutes, and would have only been in the room for 5. He went to the house from a bar, but then went back to the bar.

- free Albert here

MACIE - Macie is a victim of racial harassment and bullying from her peers at school, yet her school does not address it.

AMARI BOONE - Amari was three years old when he experienced horrific child abuse which led to his death.

- demand justice here

CRYSTAL MASON - In a case of voter suppression, Mason was sentenced to 5 years for “voting illegally as a felon on probation”, yet she was unaware that she was ineligible to vote in the 2016 election.

- demand justice for Crystal here

RASHAD CUNNINGHAM - Rashard was being dropped off at his home after a night out when a cop driving by stopped and started questioning them. They saw that he had a gun in his lap that he had a license to carry, and before he was able to show his ID or license, he was shot and killed.

- demand justice here

TAZNE VAN WYK - As a child she was kidnapped and murdered by a felon on parole.

- demand justice for here

TETE GULLEY -Tete was found hanging from a tree in 2019. She was black and queer. Her death was ruled a suicide, yet there is evidence of foul play.

MARSHAE JONES -Jones, a pregnant woman, was shot and lost her baby. Her shooter was arrested but charges were dropped. Jones was charged of manslaughter instead for not protecting her unborn child and initiating the fight that resulted in her getting shot.

- demand justice for Tete here

- demand justice here

MICHAEL DEAN - As an unarmed man, Dean was murdered during a traffic stop. He was shot once in the head by an officer with a history of bad judgement.

- demand justice here

DION JOHNSON Johnson pulled over on the highway to get some rest. Seeing him sleeping in his car, the officer parked behind his car. The officer claims their interaction contained a “struggle”, and it resulted in him shooting and killing Johnson.

- demand justice here

TAMALA HORSFORD Horsford went to a party with some other moms. They drank at the party, and Horsford would go out to the balcony to smoke periodically. She died that night from falling off the balcony, and her death was ruled as an accident.

- demand justice here

SHUKRI ABDI She was a 12-year-old girl that drowned in a river. The case was not treated as if there could be any foul play, yet her family said she could not swim so playing near the river was out of character for her.

- demand justice here

ARREST DM & JR D.M. and J.R. are two Trump supporters who ran over an innocent person at a protest in a blue jeep.

- demand justice here

YOUNG UWA - Uwa was raped at her church that she visited frequently.

- demand justice here

ARREST JARED CAMPBELL - Campbell was an officer who attacked a child, who he could not have been threatened.

- demand for his arrest here

- terminate Campbell here

CAMERON GREEN - After being invited into the officer’s home, Cameron Green was shot and killed by a correctional officer, who covered it up saying Cameron broke into his home.

- demand justice here

CHAFFIN DARNEL - Officer Horne was arrested for intervening to stopping her co-worker from assaulting a suspect already in handcuffs.

-  free Darnel here

CARIOL HORNE - Officer Horne was arrested for intervening to stopping her co-worker from assaulting a suspect already in handcuffs.

- support Horne here

BRITTANY WILLIAM - An officer illegally parked in Brittany’s driveway. When she asked if she could help him, he started yelling at her. Startled by his rude nature, she called the police on him but when another officer arrived, he and the original officer raided her home and beat her, breaking her teeth, then left her battered.

- demand justice here

QUENTIN SUTTLES - Two officers arrested Suttles, a Black man, with excessive use of violence and force.

- demand justice here

KENNETH REAMS - Kenneth and a friend could not afford a cap and gown for graduation, so they decided to commit a robbery to get some extra money. They had no intentions of harm, however during the robbery his friend impulsively shot a white male. Kenneth was to the murder part of this robery, however he was sentenced to death and has been on death row since.

- free Kenneth here

JAMES SCURLOCK - At a protest, a known racist bar owner started to use slurs against the protest. Scurlock pushed him, and then the bar owner shot and killed him.

- demand justice here

DAVIS MCATEE - Unarmed, David Mcatee was shot and killed by an officer at around midnight. His body was then left in the street for 12 hours.

FIRE LAPD CHIEF - The LAPD chief claims that the protests that happened around George Floyd’s death are civil unrests and criminal acts. He claimed Floyd’s death was because of the protests and lootings, all of which belittles the struggle of the BLM movement and justifies excessive force used at protests.

- demand justice here

- demand justice here

FIRE OFFICER CAMILLE - Officer Camille has violently arrested and harassed Rickey Williams, Caroline Croland, and most recently violently attempted to arrest another innocent African-American at his own home.

- demand justice here

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